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Corporate Flee Services

Reliable Detailing Solutions for Your Business

Partnering with Mintt Mobile Detailing will show your customers that you have the attention to detail that they deserve.

Your company's image is priceless

Whether rolling around town or sitting in a parking spot, make a lasting impression at all times.  The presentation of your vehicles and logos in the public is essential to capitalizing on that mobile advertising space.  You spend so much maintaining a fleet to keep running, keep it looking good inside and out too!

Corporate fleet vehicle washed

Maintain that image

It is proven that routine maintenance for a vehicles will keep it running.  It's also proven that maintaining the exterior of a vehicle will help to prolong the life of the paint job.  Having spotless windows and mirrors will also help with keeping your drivers safer, happier, and less fatigued.

Organization and company vehicles

Our sponges love your Fleets

Fleet big or small? We want to make it Mintt

Since Mintt is a mobile detailing company, we come to where you need the service.  Schedule over the phone or online and we will be there to make your fleet shine.

Dirty trucks need cleaning too

Your vehicles should be on the road most of the time so that you are satisfying your company's mission.  When those vehicles stop, we will be there to get them looking new.  Even though your fleet is busy, you should have them detailed thoroughly at least quarterly.

Where your employees and customers spend time

We understand every business is different.  We want to partner with you in a way that suits the needs of your organization.  If that means more washing than vacuuming, let's work that out together.  Whether you have 1 workhorse or 100, we are more than happy to work out a deal that makes dollars and sense.

Customizable packages and volume pricing

Washed at the truck stop

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