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It’s Time for a Fresh Ride!

Individual Car Detailing

Quality Service for Every Vehicle

Whether its your personal vehicle, your spouse's, or your friend's.  We provide the most convenient mobile detailing services.

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Cycles, and Trailers

Mintt has the tools packed up and ready to visit you conveniently.  We have intensive experience cleaning and detailing the filthiest of transports.

Detailed personal cars pop!

Every nook and cranny

If you want your private property to be in the most polished condition, you need that attention to detail in and out to be spotless.  We specialize in the following:

  • Outside Wash, Wax, Clay bar, and Polish

  • Interior Dash, Windows, Steering column, Handles, Seats, Carpet, Mats, and more

  • Wheels, Rims, Exhaust, and under the hood too! 

Detailed under the hood too.

It wouldn't be Mintt if it wasn't...

Focused on Costumer Satisfaction

We want to make sure you are so satisfied that you would let your boss, spouse, or in-laws ride in it!  If you have any comments, we are happy to remedy it promptly.

Friends and family have vehicles too

Mintt feels like nothing else.  We find that riding in a expertly detailed vehicle makes you feel better and happier.  Why not share that with someone you care about?  We can setup detailing for someone where it is convenient for them!

Do you know someone with a dirty ride?

Even more convenient than the service is the booking.  Either book online or give us a call!  We are ready to schedule a convenient time and location for your wash.

Online and Phone Booking

Book online and over the phone
Book online!
Just call us and we can setup a detailing
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